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innocent_grafix's Journal

innocent grafix
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this is the personal graphic community of innocencefades.

i use psp8, AS3, PS7, and IR7

i make a wide variety of things
i do take some requests. at the moment i'm open to icon requests.
i am always open for suggestions

some of the things you'll find in here are:
blinkies [my blinkie gallery is friends only and found here]
friends only banners
maybe a tutorial or two in time

icon examples:
comment comment comment
comment comment comment

anything i post i will try to keep track of in the memories.

1. i ask that you please comment if you are going to take anything. i want to keep an idea of things.
2. please credit! keyword/comments for icons, userinfo for other.
3. do not direct link my work. save to your own server.
4. be polite please, i don't have to do this.
5. i don't want my stuff all over the internet, so i would prefer things stay on LJ. i can make exceptions though.
6. don't customize unless i state that you can. or you can ask me. and an icon being textless does not make it a base.
7. do not claim as your own.

i have quite a bit of people to thank for my graphics. so many infact that it was overflowing my community's info page. so i made it a post and i'm placing the link to that post here.

resource page

here are people i have affiliated with.
if you'd like to be an affiliate please leave me a comment.

icons and the resources you need to make them you know you've seen her work blinkie/graphic making community redrungraphics
3 lovely girls making many lovely things
a great icon contest community for sexy work lovely indian related graphics and others as well

a private community: icons and boutique

if you would like to link me here is a button.
please save it to your own server and use this code.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosting by Photobucket

if you need to contact me my information is at the top.